Exams is what we the students fear the most, even tho it’s not like running around the big city which is very tiring instead studying is far more tiring than you’re running a thousand mile.

For some student exam might be saying as it’s not a big deal, but most of the student it’s a problem. For all of us running to class and start a lesson everyday normally doesn’t mean that everything we have learned mean we have completely mastered those problems all at a time. Somehow here I want to talk about the matter that you’ve strived so hard for your examination but you couldn’t get a better result for your hard working at all. Applied to this you don’t have to meltdown because of your failure. We live in a failure everyday but why does it feels so hard when we failed just an exam? Because that’s our future and that’s the reasons why we spend for so many years to study, many hours to earn those little knowledge and stores it in our spaces. One mistake took us a lot of effort to gain up our energy back. Imagine that you only live up to your failure and make mistake forever, shouldn’t you try and make a new plan? Like why don’t you try to try it out again? If you keep on in your slumber everyday repeat your lesson why don’t you learn from it? Instead of wasting time you must do more convenient thing like studying more and be positive. Don’t look at how other people doing in the present, because of your failed today it’d be a joke if you said that ‘You’re enjoying stay at home then going to school to study.’ It’s really a shame that everyone went to school while you’re at home studying the old same thing. So be it don’t mind about other people problems when your own trouble doesn’t even solving yet. Keep up your work don’t be frail on those obstacle like you’ve just once stepped in the mud, returned you need to work hard on cleaning so that you won’t look dirty.